Aberjay Rising Cover

Aberjay Rising: A Tale of Courage

In a dystopian future, Leena Zhen is a loner, living in poverty and struggling to survive on what vegetables she can grow or sell at market.  She strikes out into a forbidden zone of the Aberjay, the ruling class, to acquire what she needs to save her dying mother.  Fighting against a wall that is meant to keep her contained, a police force that wants her in jail and a privileged society that does not believe she has the right to live, Leena must cut through all obstacles and become something she did not know she could be; a warrior.  

Aberjay Rising is scheduled for release August 1st, 2023 and will be available on Amazon.

Beyond the Miniyar Cover

Beyond the Miniyar

Book two in the Aberjay series, set two years after the first, Leena must grow beyond her childish understanding of the world and begin to navigate the politics and friction of a new government, while contending with outside forces determined to destroy her. Faced with the difficult choice of doing what is right for her family or her country, she must be stronger than she has ever been. At what point is treason justified?   

Beyond the Miniyar is scheduled for release in December 2023 and will be available on Amazon.


A thriller that follows John Lancaster, a self made stock broker that decides to change his life and give up his career to become a writer, moving to the small town of Fountain.  John soon learns things are not what they seem as his family begins to go through supernatural changes.  His writing life flourishes as his wife’s realty business swells. His children are finding talents they did not know they possessed. His investigation of these strange occurrences may leads to a truth that may destroy him and his family.

Wellbeing is scheduled for release in 2024 and will be available on Amazon.

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