Joseph is an award winning author, speaker, facilitator and business consultant. He began his career in Information Technology and over a period of 25 years built a business called Qsource Networks, which he sold in 2018. While much of his work has focused on helping businesses achieve more through technology, his passion has always been writing. He published two non-fiction books in 2000 and 2001 that were technology related. After semi-retiring, he decided to pursue writing fiction.

His first love were fantasy books written in the seventies and eighties, titles such as Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melbone’ and Hickman and Weiss’ Dragonlance series. We was an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and dungeon master as well. In later years his favorites are Stephen King thrillers as well as dystopian legends like The Hunger Games and the Divergent Series.

His first novel, Aberjay Rising is a futuristic tale, scheduled for release August 1st 2023.

Joseph Michael Lamb